Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eleanor Clair Bradshaw

Hello all, this is Jason posting on Jodi's behalf.  

Eleanor (Ellie) Clair Bradshaw was born yesterday at 6:36 pm weighing in at 7 lbs., 3 oz.  There should be a few pictures of her below.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My To Do List

There has been a lot going on in the Bradshaw household the last few weeks. I had a list of things that NEED to get done before the baby arrives in August.
1. Get a bigger vehicle (specifically to be able to visit our parents which was hard to do in our 2 door civic and saturn with just one child).
2. Get work done on our crawl space so that we can redo the room above it.
3. Redo our bedroom to make as Owen's new room. If you have never been to our house our 3rd bedroom is off the kitchen and super loud so we are making that our room (just moved in the furniture tonight).

We have completed #1 and purchased a new mini van (new to us at least) about 3 weeks ago. After having it for about 5 days we found out it needed a new transmission!!!! My brother owns the same van and I knew they had a recall on it. So I asked the Honda mechanic to check and we were literally within a week or two (of a seven and a half year time period) before it expired! God is good! Not only did we get a van with lower mileage than we thought we could afford but it also came with a brand new Honda certified transmission. :)

#2 is happening this week. I am going to hang out with my sis in Columbus for a few days while our crawl space is being worked on. We were originally quoted 4x the cost of what the total is actually coming to - another one of God's many blessings. Can't wait for that work to be done with.

And last but not least, #3 is hopefully going to take place early next week. I have purchased LOTS over the last 9 months for Owen's big boy room. Last summer we found super cute Pottery Barn Kid's quilts for 70% off!!! We also cashed in some of our credit card points to buy sheets and other random things at Target. My favorite part of the whole room is the bunk bed set that we purchased used through some friends of friends. They are not stacked on top like regular bunks but the top one goes across while the bottom one comes straight out (Kind of like a "T" if that makes any sense). On the sides of the bottom bunk there is a book shelf and a desk. So excited to see how everything turns out. I will post some pics when we get the room done.

So it looks like I am way a head on the list but of course the unexpected always pops up. Last week while giving Owen a bath I suctioned up his little play basketball hoop right above the tub on our tiles. When I pulled it off it took a few tiles with it!! I must be stronger than I thought! But we had Cleyo come and look at it and the whole wall is rotted out so they are going to re-drywall a few walls in our bathroom. So we cannot take any showers until the work is complete - it is rather humorous to see a grown man try to wash his hair in such a small tub. :) As much as we don't want to deal with this right now at least it is happening while our house is already being torn apart and it obviously something that needs taken care of .

So not much more is going on. I am enjoying life right now with just one child as the realization has set in that life is going to change very soon. Owen is hilarious and within the last few weeks has started laughing so much more - he is such a blast! He has also taken up playing by himself more when we are at home which is a huge praise!

Our one last bit of news is that we are leaving for Myrtle beach in less than 3 weeks!! WOHOO! My parents are staying with us for 2 days and then taking Owen back home with them for 4 days. I am so looking forward to just spending time alone with Jay! We are planning to lay out at the beach and read during the day and going out to dinner at night (just like vacations before kids). :) So thankful for this little break before the next baby arrives! My parents rock!

I am having problems uploading pictures since I lost the cord. As Owen would say, "UH OH". I have searched the house for it but still can't find it! When I do find it (or we have to purchase one) there will be some serious picture posts! Hope you all have a wonderful week! It is time for me to go to bed. Good night!

Friday, April 3, 2009


We just found out that Owen is going to have a little sister!!! Yeah, more estrogen in the Bradshaw household! When the woman told us it was a girl we were completely shocked. Not really sure this day would come (last 3 generations of Bradshaws are boys). They said she looked very healthy and she even gave us a yawn when they were taping (super cute). We are very excited! Now to make the nursery a little more girly. :) 

I will be posting pictures soon from Owen's birthday party soon! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of my best friends got to hold their baby boy for the first time yesterday. Ben and Janet are in Ethiopia right now with their son, Isaac. It has been awesome watching them go through this journey (maybe not for them all the time). God has truly provided for them through the process(financially, spiritually and emotionally) and their hearts always seemed to be overflowing with thankfulness. You can check out a family picture of them by going to the link "whipple words" on the left - it will make you smile! 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

South Carolina pics

Enjoying a snack outside with Cousin Tali in the warm North Carolina sunshine. 

Owen LOVED the petting zoo and would not leave the poor sheep and goats alone. 

Check out this grin. What is he thinking?
Just chilin with Tali after a long day. 

Last few weeks

This was our first time to the park this spring. We only got a few pics because my batteries ran out but Owen was laughing so hard while he was swinging. 
We met the Staders at the park for a picnic. Owen loves playing with Audrey. 
Owen has a fascination with dry noodles. He loves to transport them from pan to pan (or just throw them on the floor).
Helping daddy tear down the crib. Notice Owen has his tools out. Last night was the first night he slept on his "big boy bed". 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Update

Thought I would take a minute and write what we have been up to the last few weeks. I have been continually feeling better and our house is getting back to somewhat of an order. Since the warm spell we have not been spending much time inside. Everyday (that is above 50) Owen and I have been walking and/or going to the park. I am always amazed at the hope that spring brings. For some reason this is the hardest winter for me that I can remember. Even though we have spent much time playing outside Owen never seems to be able to get enough. The other evening we ate dinner outside, went to the park, played in the yard and went to get ice cream and Owen still did not want to come in (after 3 and a half hours). He just loves to be out there and I do not blame him after being cooped up in our house all winter.

In other news Owen is starting to say A LOT of a new words. It is funny how many times you repeat things and then all of a sudden they click in their minds. He is starting to show ownership by saying "daddy's car" or "mommy's coat". It is amazing to watch him learn. You can just see the little wheels in his head turning. He is also a big fan of the songs "Lord's Army" and "Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes" (with hand motions). To cute! 

Owen's birthday is just a few weeks away. I cannot believe that he is almost 2!!!! We are having a party for him in about a week (just a little early so that my mom could come). The party theme is Elmo (of course!) and he loves hearing about his upcoming party and going through the bag with all the decorations. We are finding out the day after his birthday the sex of the baby. I wish that I could wait until the birth but I like to have the nursery all ready and if is a girl we need to make it a tad more girly. We are so excited to find out but really I do not care either way (we already got our boy). 

Jay is staying busy at work and keeping up with being a wonderful father. Nothing brightens Owen's day like hearing the garage door open and knowing his daddy is home. I am so blessed and some times do not think life could get much better! 

I will post some pics of our time in South Carolina as soon as I down load them. Have a wonderful first day of spring (thanks for the reminder Dee)!!!!